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32 weeks 5 days ago
This is an update from my previous post which explored the benefits of Facebook advertising for small businesses. You can read it here Now watch the video just below by the Veritasium Channel. It’s great. It explores why Facebook Likes and Facebook Advertising are, put simply, a “fraud”. The findings are explored very well and overall it holds a very strong argument.
38 weeks 1 day ago
Simply put, you should look at Facebook Advertising for your small business because your competitors might not be. But, here’s further analysis on that simple answer...
44 weeks 4 days ago
The idea of this is such a simple one for big and small businesses alike and is essentially marketing techniques 101. But with Facebook’s ‘edge rank’ (Facebook’s equivalent of Google’s ranking algorithms) there is a slight twist and further emphasis.
44 weeks 6 days ago
Is LinkedIn saying your banner image is too tall? If so, try some of these top tips below: 1. Make sure that your banner is the correct size and format: Banner Image:• 646x220 pixels PNG/Jpeg/GIF Max 2 MB
1 year 5 days ago
1. Accurate content – As you know your business better than anyone else it makes sense that you keep your website up to date with relevant and accurate information. 2. Do it yourself– It is easier to do something yourself rather than have to explain what you want to someone else and have a time consuming back and forth conversation. 3. Publish data quickly – Not having to rely on someone else allows you to quickly create new content and publish it instantly.
1 year 6 days ago
Trade shows can give your business a real boost in brand awareness and customer acquisition - if you know how to present yourself. Here are some tips in a guest blog by Jo Bayne of Oyster Studios on how to make a right display of yourself and ‘stand out’ from the crowd!