Online PR

online pr public relationsCariad Marketing can help you promote your good news stories, product launches and events via a wide range of online media. We can also help you with PR Crises Management for those bad-news days too.

If you’ve heard about the power of PR, but you’re not sure about the benefits it can bring, here’s a few simple reasons why you should speak to Cariad Marketing about including PR in the Marketing Strategy of your business...

PR harnesses the power of the media...

Coverage online is just as important (if not more as it is visible forever) as traditional newspapers, trade journals, magazines etc and shapes the way your customers (and potential customers) perceive your business and brand.

Whether you’re a start-up, sole trader, small business, established business or corporate - online media endorsement can make or break your business.

Whatever type of media coverage we secure on your behalf - the third party, independent endorsement of your products or services (particularly by trade 'experts' or celebrities) can provide a instant 'buzz' about your brand and result in an upturn in sales.

PR is more cost effective than an advertisement

With the Cariad Marketing PR service, we offer a tiered structure of rates via four different PR packages we provide, suitable for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

News stories are more credible, accessible and engaging than a straight forward advert - think about how you read newspapers and magazines. You read the editorial, and form opinions, right? Bet you quite often ignore the adverts that are blatantly trying to sell you something, yes?

For what quite often turns out to be less than the cost of an advertisement, Cariad Marketing will produce a press release for your campaign, submit it to the relevant online news wires (and print media when required) and monitor coverage.

PR is important for SEO (search engine optimisation)

As online marketing experts, Cariad Marketing are used to using PR as an effective method of enhancing the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website, increasing your Google Ranking, and your appearance in 'organic' or 'natural' search results throughout all search engines.

Posting regular Press Releases to your website, and releasing them via the online news wires ensures regular quality backlinks into your website plus search engines will crawl your updated pages.

PR dovetails into your social media strategy

Whether you are blogging, Tweeting (via Twitter), have Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn profile, Squidoo Lens or engage in any of the other social media channels which play a vital role in today's marketing strategies - regular PR can make all the difference.

Press releases in particular provide topical, interesting content to be broadcast on your social media networks which can be syndicated.

As online marketing experts, Cariad Marketing can help you make the most of integrating your PR and social media strategy by our 'joined-up thinking' approach to internet marketing.

PR can help take your brand worldwide

Media coverage doesn’t just provide sales, it develops market-wide (and even worldwide) interest in your brand. Typically, coverage can lead to requests for marketing partnerships, such as affiliate relationships, endorsements and sponsorships.

PR develops speaker and 'expert' opportunities

Newspapers, networking groups, conference organisers and online news portals are constantly on the lookout for experts, either for speaker platforms or to join panels, think tanks or events.

Press coverage helps position your experts as industry gurus, and press coverage is much more likely to lead to them being invited to participate in events.

To have a chat about our online PR packages, please contact us